How can we purchase your property so quickly?

Instant Home Sale works with a network of investors who are motivated to buy your property in a fast manor.

By knowing where your property is located we can instantly tell you exactly what an investor in our network would offer you.

Because the investors we work with are buying with cash, the deal can go through in as little as 7 days.

Typical property sales take 3+ months due to the time it takes to find a buyer and the time involved in that buyer putting the finances in place to purchase your property.

We can get your property sold in as little as 7 days removing the hassle and stress that you may face from a ‘typical’ on market sale.

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Achieve market value for your home just like the open market

You may believe that you will achieve a higher price for your property by listing on the open market with an estate agent, but this is not always the case.

Not only will you often achieve a similar market price by inquiring with us first, typical on-market property listings take months to sell as illustrated below.

Selling to us
(as little as 7 days)
Selling via Estate Agent
(6 months+)
Average Asking Price £250,000 £250,000
Average agreed purchase price £220,000 £240,000
Final agreed price after survey £220,000 £235,000
Estate Agent fees £0.00 £4,500 + VAT
Cosmetic repairs needed £0.00 £1,500
Solicitor fees £0.00 £2,000
Council tax and other bills
(while sales is going through)
£0.00 £1,500
Mortgage payments
(while sale is going through)
£0.00 £7,800
Days Off Work (Average 7) £0.00 £520
Net price achieved £219,800 £216,280

Get A Free & Instant Property Quote.

Fill out our simple form to receive an instantly, fully confidential, no strings attached quote on your property.

Get An Instant Property Quote

You Don’t Pay Any Fees

We don’t charge you for this service. The investors that we work with pay us for finding them desirable property opportunities around the U.K.

That means that you don’t need to worry about any selling fees, legal fees, home report fees, council tax & mortgage interest while the property sells or the cosmetic repairs to put it in an on-market condition.

Selling with us mitigates a huge amount of hassle as you don’t need to worry about any of these ongoing costs or the time it takes to sell your property on the open market.

We pass all of these costs back to the investor that is purchasing your property allowing you to receive cash in your bank without having to pay out anything up front!

We accept the challenge no matter what your circumstance is

Financial Difficulties

If you’re struggling financially, perhaps with Debt, and selling your home is your next best option then we can help you clear that debt by achieving a speedy property sale to stop interest building up.


You may be in the process of buying a new home and you need to free up funds in your old property quickly in order to purchase that. No problem, we can help you with that.

Divorce / Seperation

If you’ve recently split up with your partner then these times can be tough. Selling your joint home in a timely manor is sometimes the best solution so that you can move on with your life without an anchor holding you back.

Facing Repossession

In many cases we can stop your home from being repossessed by bailiffs. If you have a repossession coming up or you’re worried about being repossessed, then selling quickly before that happens is can often be the best option.

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